Thursday, July 29, 2010

Biggest Question

(the above picture is from 2007, at my parents home taking family pictures)

The biggest question I get asked it how I have lost, and continue to lose, all the weight. Let me take you back about 1-2 years ago. I was at my biggest size. I was the same weight as when I was fully pregnant! Sure...I dressed cute...had awesome shoes (of course!) but did I feel cute or awesome? Nope. Did I feel beautiful? Nope. Did I like how my boobs and stomach came out at the same distances on my midsection? Nope!

After the birth of my first two kids, I took up walking. Then running. It was great! I lost weight, and felt great. After trying for 5 years for another baby, kiddo number three arrived...Gained 42 pounds...Had a 10 pound baby that somehow left all 42 pounds still on me!

I am a diabetic. ALWAYS been a GOOD diabetic. Have never had complications from my diabetes. But, I sure had a hard time losing weight! I had a full blood panel done by my physician. Everything was "normal" and in normal/healthy ranges, except my thyroid. I was put on thyroid medication for an under-active thyroid. The medicine helped my blood work, but I was still the same size.

I tried so many diets, and each time I might have lost some weight, but it always managed to come back. I joined a gym. Loved it. Lost some weight, and got more toned. Then we moved away where there is not a gym (serious--Eagle Mountain NEEDS a real gym!!) and the weight crept back on. It was ironic, because at this time I was a fashion contributor for a Utah magazine...

I'm still not sure what "switch" turned on in me? What was "that moment" when I knew things had to change? My new place of residence? My mom's cancer diagnosis? The fact we had a pool in our neighborhood? But, in May of 2009, it began...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So...The past year I have basically done a little "revamping" of myself. Some of these changes are physcial (I've lost 45 pounds) some are emotional (I've lost a brother) some are organizational ( pantry is still messy) and I've found a passion I'm trying to expand ( During this journey, I have a lot of people asking, "What are you doing?!" Well...Look out! I will tell you!

I plan on keeping/sharing a "journal" of sorts, of things that I find are working in my life, and could perhaps work in yours. Whether it be a low glycemic lifestyle, taking time to reflect or "pray" each day, making sure I get my runs in, or making sure I make attempts to be a better parent, spouse, friend, or just be nicer (LOL!) All these different areas make up me. And it takes a balance of all these areas to keep me sane!

Where to start?! I don't know...What do you think?