Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finding Motivation

One thing I have found to be crucial is the value of setting a goal. Without being held responsible for something, and having to own up to it, there is usually not much motivation to see it through.

This past year I was able to do the Ragnar Relay/Wasatch Back (189 miles divided by 12 crazy people with the addition of nonstop running for about 22-40 hours). I signed up for this in January/February of this past year. I posted my upcoming feat on facebook, and told all my friends and family. By doing this, I was committed. If I didn't follow through, I would (bascially) feel REALLY stupid!! What is more motivational than saving face?!

SO...I am going to put it out there again...

I am going to run the Halloween Half Marathon coming up in *October! I have looked up a training schedule, and after a "NON LABOR" Labor Day weekend, I will start this training schedule, just as I did with Ragnar.

I am proud to say, this is something I have really worked on for over the past year. When I first starting running again a year and a half ago, I logged an 11:00 minute mile...yup...I thought I was "running." I had to take baby steps. I had to do interval training, where I would walk a block, run a block...slowly adding to the "running" part until I actually ran a full 3-4 miles nonstop! My mantra was always "slow and steady wins the race!" It was being able to run longer, and longer, each time.

By Ragnar time, I was running 9-10 minute miles :) And I could run 12 miles, non-stop!

Ragnar really taught me that a goal is a good thing. Being held accountable is a good thing. Following through is a good thing. Completing a goal....PRICELESS!!

My next goal was to run the Red Rock Relay in September. I wanted to be running an 8.50 minute mile by then. I posted it on facebook. I told my friends and family. THEN....Life happened...and I am not going to be able to run the relay. BUT...I still wanted to reach my goal of 8.50 minute miles. I am proud to say, that despite taking a three week stint from running recently, that the other night, I ran 5 miles in 42 minutes!!! That's not only 8.50 minute miles, but 8.40 minute miles!!! Check it off, baby!!

I never saw myself running a Ragnar/Relay type race. I never saw myself as someone who could run anything close to an 8 minute mile. What was the catch? Setting a goal, not only within yourself but publicly, written down, or shared with others. It was having to actually follow through with a plan, and enduring through the rough times to see it happen.

Many of you know that I am also a contributor on Guess what my awesome friend Nisha has started? "Commit to be Fit Fridays!" What do YOU want to achieve by the end of October?!!

Take the next step! Set a goal, and like Nike says, "just do it!!" You will be glad you did!!


  1. I LOVE that picture above. That's what I look like when I'm finishing my runs with a sprint! It's so exhilarating and I run as fast as I would if a Dino were chasing me :)

    You are so inspirational! I love my 5Ks. I'm not sure I want to run a race longer than that. Maybe the Moab Extreme Adventure race one day. I need to get a bike.

    Anyway, love this post. Love having you as my friend and an HMK contributor. Way to beat your goal!!

  2. Ditto Ditto Ditto for me too baby! Way to go and I might tag along for the half

  3. Thanks Nish! The feeling is MUTUAL!!!

    Jamie--More important--We need to figure out some costumes :)

  4. You go girl! I'm so proud of you! Wish I could be there with you.

    I bought and air glider which has helped my S/I joint immensely. I did try walking on the treadmill for the first time last weekend. Man, I was sore after. I almost cried. Here I used to run for thirty minutes, now, even walking hurts that ligament. It makes me wonder if I'll ever run again.

    But I don't give up. I keep going on the glider and trying out the treadmill every so often. It's just going to take time, healing and patience. I can do that.