Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What am I DOING?!! Start Here

I've started RAGE Bootcamp as of last night...let me tell you...I did not know it was possible to work so many muscles in just one night!! I am going for a month, and I am so excited for the end result of being better toned, better endurance, and of course, less to carry :)

I have signed up to run in the Epic Cache-Teton Relay in August (same idea as Ragnar...but harder (more hills!) We will start in Logan, and end up in Jacksonville Wyoming. With this coming up, I wanted to change things up a bit, and start with a couple months of Boot Camp and some body strengthening before I go into my specific running schedule for the race. (Yes, I am running the third hardest leg of the 12 legs of the race...I have a 8.3, 7.5, and a 3.8....and can you say, "HILLS?! On a few I will basically be scaling a mountain) I'm more than a little nervous :/ I figure my running can only improve if I'm building up muscle, and losing weight! Mix in a few 10k's and maybe a half-marathon, and I hope I live to tell...

SO...on that note....For all those who need a "game plan," START HERE:

It's a NEW YEAR!!

It's a NEW SLATE!!

It can be a NEW YOU!!

Me and my friends at HealthyMomsKitchen are doing a HealthierYOU2011 Challenge!! And guess what? You can win $$$ while losing weight!!

Go to www.healthieryou2011.blogspot.com and become a participant! The more, the merrier!! Final registration ends at midnight on Friday, November 7th! (the blog and all it's awesome, juicy, supportive details will become private, for all the participants to use and interact with one another)

Need a final push? A starting point? It just takes one step in the right direction...

I'm off to get my butt whooped...REALLY whooped....

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  1. Holy smokes lady! Get your boot camp on :) You are going to be the buffest hottest lady around!