Friday, March 11, 2011


I mentioned this on my facebook I thought I should pass it along here...

Everyone always asks me about the healthy cleanse I do that rids my body of carb and sugar cravings and helps me RESET my system--guess what?! I can get a SLAMMING deal on groups of FOUR!! Anyone want to join me? I plan on putting in an order sometime early next week. It comes with all your meals, snacks, and supplements you will need for your 5 days--all you add is your servings of veggies and fruits! This has helped me more than once get back on track, or train for one of my running events. Who's ready?! Let me know, and I'll put your order in with mine so we can get the SWEET deal :)

(Did I also mention that you tend to lose 3-5 pounds during this time? Sometimes more? Nice!!)

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  1. Okay. I have been cleared for serious exercise now that my baby passed the 6 week mark. I need to build my strength and endurance up again, and need to lose 20 pounds. Wanna be my mentor? I also need to pick your brain about these wonderful recipes you are making for your family!